Amazon Prime Day 2017 has arrived

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Amazon Prime Day 2017 has arrived.
Well, not quite: Officially it kicks off at 6 p.m. PT this evening and runs through tomorrow, meaning today is, er, Prime Day Eve? Whatever the case, many deals have already leaked out -- so let's take a look at the top tech items on the list. Be sure to check back later today, tonight and all day tomorrow, as I'll be updating this post as more deals arrive.

Echo! Echo! Echo!

I've made no secret of my love for Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot -- and they've rarely been cheaper than Prime Day 2017. The big-kahuna Echo will be $90, while the Dot will sell for $35. (If you opt for the Dot, consider pairing it with an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker for much better sound.)
You can also save $75 on the new Amazon Echo Show, though even with that discount, I can't say I'm sold on this screen-equipped model. Honestly don't see the point. CNET's Ry Crist tends to agree.

Fire sale (no, really)

With Amazon selling a $50 tablet on a daily basis, is it any wonder Apple reportedly plans to discontinue the $249-and-up iPad Mini? And just to rub it in a little, Amazon will be selling the recently updated Fire 7 for just $30. If you can scrape together a few more dollars, the also-updated Fire HD 8 will run you just $50. Regular price: $80.
This one's a bit tricky, because the Fire 7 is amazing at that price, but also kind of a slowpoke. (Thankfully, the addition of dual-band Wi-Fi should make it feel a bit faster.) The HD 8 has a higher resolution screen, stereo speakers and better battery life. Decisions, decisions.

Fire sale, TV edition

This 55-inch 4K TV has Amazon's Fire TV interface built right in.Amazon
Back in May, Amazon introduced the first TV with onboard Alexa: a budget model made by Element. The goal: to compete with budget-priced TCL TVs with built-in Roku.
On Prime Day, you'll be able to get the 55-inch Element 4K HDTV with Amazon Fire TV for $400. Regular price: $650.
Here's the thing, though: CNET hasn't reviewed this model yet, and customer reviews are decidedly mixed (just 3.3 stars from a little over 40 buyers). Scanning the negative reviews, I didn't find anything I consider a deal-breaker -- but you should definitely peruse them yourself. There's a good argument to be made that you should choose a good TV first, then add an external Fire TV (or Roku, or whatever) for more or less the same setup.

A replicator by any other name

Don't ask me to explain the name "Reprap."Reprap
Been thinking about a 3D printer? Here's your chance to score a particularly good deal: the Reprap Guru Prusa I3 V2 for $230, a savings of 30 percent.
This US-made model features a heated 8x8-inch print bed and has a 4.4-star average rating from well over 100 buyers. One thing, though: It's a DIY kit, meaning you'll have to assemble it yourself. (That's either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you roll.)
That's it for now! Check back later for more Prime Day highlights.