Welcome to the Robotics Age

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How's it going everyone? I hope you are well. I wanted to touch on a ever present subject that will become to the world we live in within 10 to 15 years. For you to understand what I mean, let me start by telling you the exponential growth in human history, which is commonly referred to as "innovation" and what we refer to as "technology," which is a advancement of tools essentially.

Furthermore, if you think throughout human civilization, there are peaks of advancement of specialized tools, from which different civilizations thrived and prospered to advance society. From the stone age, to the bronze and iron age, to the industrial age, to the age in which we presently live... the information age, and beyond to the robotics age; there are periods in human history we can point back to which we understand significantly advanced human history.

Well my friends, the transition is upon us, and we are now entering the robotics age!! How do I know? Well I do not "know" but from what I am seeing in the world events, I can shape an informed opinion because of recent articles, as such in the world's current events:

  • "Amazon testing delivery by drone, CEO Bezos says"
  • "Google moves into military robotics"
  • "PPP opposes US drone attacks: Senator Farhatullah Babar"
The robotics age is upon us and there are many good things that will come of the upcoming era that will be ushered in. I write this to just inform you. Of course you could buy assets and/or acquire equities related to the coming era or age, or you can be inspired to help move human civilization into the next age by creating the next generation technology. The choice is yours, and I look forward to the upcoming new technology in which will enrich and transform our lives, how we interact, and how we conduct business. 

Thank you for reading and I appreciate your time.