Top 5 Technology Trends of 2012

2012 has been a year of many changes like any other year, but even more we saw a rise of tech and mobile trends. I just wanted to take a moment to recap. I wrote about the Top 5 Technology Trends of 2012 (in no particular order) to recap our year.

Mobilized - From new mobile handsets to tablet devices, the world is more mobilized than ever. We are sharing, searching, using apps, and making purchases with our mobile phones now. We will continue to see the emergence of apps dedicated to gaming, information sharing (i.e. instagram, twitter, facebook) and mobile commerce (i.e. paypal, square, google wallet). Also, we see how important intellectual property is with the Apple v. Samsung patent litigation. More cases will continue to arise as technology companies expand their services into new offerings, like TV, online content, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Windows 8 - Microsoft came back in a big way in 2012 with the launch of Windows 8 and the Windows 8 Tablet. For Microsoft to update their user interface is a big step forward for the company that hasn't changed its user interface in a long time. Their tablet had mixed reviews but it signifies the emergence of tablet devices and mobilized user interfaces. 

Live Tweeting - If you watched the 2012 Summer Olympics at night you didn't have to wonder if Usain Bolt won the 100 and 200 meters, because the stats were available the morning before. We found out that Osama bin Laden had been killed via live tweets. Tweeting is immediate and interactive, and we are sharing information instantaneously now. Events are happening around the world and people are tweeting about them in real-time. We have constant feed of information like never before, and this phenomenon is only going to be accelerated.  

Campaigns Go Social - How many people tuned into the US Presidential Election aka Decision 2012? Politicians and businesses are engaging their core base and reaching out to get real-time feedback! The  information on social sites is creating social engagement and it is more user driven. We are able to voice our opinions in various channels and be heard. Egypt is a perfect example of creating a campaign that went social. Once protesters took their ideas and created a social movement via twitter, they were able to organize people. Can't forget about Psy and Gangnam Style! Over 200 million youtube views later and he has been the most watched person online. Social media will continue to promote artists, entertainers, and public figures in 2013. 

SOPA Backlash - Stop Online Privacy Act was a billed introduced in 2012 by the US Congress, which created heavy criticism by the masses around the US and other industrialized nations. Opponents state the proposed legislation threatens free speech and innovation, and enables law enforcement to block access to entire Internet domains due to infringing content posted on a single blog or webpage. SOPA has many implications to the Internet as we know it today, and I highly encourage you to take a moment to read about it. It wasn't passed in 2012, however the question will arise again.

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