Keys To Innovation

Innovation accelerates and compounds. Each point in front of you is bigger than anything that ever happened. -Marc Andreessen 

Innovation is the key to making industry changes and creating job prospects. There are important themes that I have compiled from articles related to innovation. You may have  heard that there is no struggle without progress and that can be applied to many positions and situations. I have listed the fundamentals to introduce innovation and change into your team and into your organization. 

Make people accountable. Hold people responsible for the part that they are responsible to create and develop. People need to feel responsible for making a small or big change in some way. Be inclusive and keep people accountable to what they are responsible to produce. 

Tolerate failure. Allow people to try and fail, because there is no better lesson than failing. When people on your team want to try something that has never been done ... why say "no" and why be afraid to try something you have never done. Obviously there is risk when trying to develop something that is new, and this is apart of the innovation process. There should never come a time when you say no because you are afraid of the risk. 

Work with the best people. This goes without saying, but work with the best people first and let them develop their skill or help them and nature their skill. You will be amazed what the best people can come up with when given limited resources. Great people find a way to utilize their resources to the maximum. 

Give incentives. If you can give incentives to succeed, it will increase your people's productivity. Everyone wants to increase efficiency and productivity, so find out how and why this person is motivated and how and why this person continually prospers within the given parameters. This will strengthen the organization and people are empowered to create. 

Learn your customer. Whatever you are developing and creating, obviously you have to have your customer in mind. You develop this new product and / or service with the customer is mind! Now learn everything about the individual that wants to utilize your product / service. These are the people that will spread the gospel and lead to future opportunities to capture more audience! 

There is no sure way to create innovation within your team; there is no one method that can pin point success. Nevertheless, these are the keys to developing a culture of creation and the creative process is one that takes heart, imagination, and the spirit of entrepreneurship.