Haven't Heard About Apple Versus Samsung

A battle of technology giants claims many news reports and media sources; rightfully so, they are right! Since the iPhone launched, there has been limited competition to Apple in terms of mobile technology. Under the direction of Steve Jobs, Apple continued to innovate the iPhone and mobile technology at a unformidable  pace. Let's just say, when Apple looked in its' rear view mirror, they couldn't see a single tumble weed, until this little spec appeared.

As Apple gained record profits, that spec that was in the rear view mirror was called Android. As we know, Google executives used to sit on the Board of Directors, and consciously punched Apple where the sun doesn't shine, when they announced their own mobile platform (that is another story for a different day folks).  Consequently, Google was ready to launch this new mobile software and needed mobile hardware. Of course Samsung, and HTC, Acer, LG, and Motorola, were excited to place this free software on their mobile phones, from one of the most storied technology companies in the world. These early adopters zoomed past windows mobile.... they zoomed past Palm Pre (you probably never even hear of that platform).... they zoomed past Blackberry (remember when it was called CrackBerry, well that was a looong time ago). Then one Android manufacture started to emerge... take a guess... last name Sung, first name Sam.

Fast forward to the court proceeding and battle going on; Samsung is a dominant player in mobile technology, with the Samsung Vibrant and the tablet computing device: Galaxy Tab. Moreover, Apple doesn't like this at all. And when you read about what's going on in court, it seems as Apple is the one that infringed on Samsung... (ohhhh oh...). So not only would Apple lose this dispute, but it may have to pay Samsung. Talk about adding salt to the wound...

In conclusion, Apple on the verge of bankruptcy, barely missed the misfortune by Steve Jobs coming back to save the day with the iPod and the new Mac computers. If Samsung starts to out sell mobile devices, I predict a fall from grace within less than 5 to 10 years. Furthermore, living in the information age has made me realize, a company can fall from grace overnight... so don't be surprised if Apple officially hits the fans.


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