Social And Search Continues To Merge

The way people search on the internet will continue to evolve and become more intuitive. Furthermore, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Rockmelt, and other technology companies understand why search is very important. The costs of not finding information is a real problem that exists in our personal lives and corporate projects.

Traditional search in the early days would focus on retrieving search results based on our queries, which would produce lackluster results. Usually when we use a website to search something, we will search for ambiguous terms or words, because we do not know the definite thing we are looking for... hence the reason for you "searching."

Evolving search is more intuitive; when you type in a word or term into Google or Bing, there is the feature that shows "suggested spelling." When we see that, we think to ourselves, "I had no idea it was really spelled like that." Additionally, the chance of spelling errors increase when we search for new things that we want more information about. Designing and implementing algorithms that are triggered to help us find exactly what we need or want is critical to maximizing our time, in a world where we seek information instantaneously.

Social search is the next evolution or the next iteration in an ever changing landscape. Big technology companies are betting that you and your friends share similar interests... why else would they be your "friends" if you did not share similar interest? Moreover, since you will share similar interests with your friends, you will search similar topics, discussions, subjects, issues, questions, etc. We all know that birds of a feature flock together, and people that share hobbies and interests will always find each other. Pursing this further, the way we search online is changing, and our search results will be predicated on what our circle of influence search terms and key words are. Perhaps the search features will become more intuitive and predicative... which remains to be seen...





  1. interesting developments are happening within this space and the emergence of social media.


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