Google Self Driving Car

Big changes in the auto industry are coming in the next 5 to 10 years. Remember watching Minority Report and thinking, "I wish I could get in a car and just make a command and arrive at my destination." That will be reality in the next 5 to 10 years! I do not mean to reiterate the point, but these changes will advance the human race and change other technologies. Self driving cars have tremendous benefits, and if you think from a safety perspective, self driving cars will continuously get better and eliminate accidents all together. Imagine you can text and talk on your mobile ... and heck you can take a nap if you please. Nonetheless, self driving cars will change the way we operate vehicles, and more than that, there will be a big technology shift. If you can, position yourself to develop software and media for in-the-car entertainment and on-demand entertainment. As self driving cars become prevalent, people will find more time to consume media and entertainment. Furthermore, we will see new technologies emerge for self driving cars, as we have more time to do business, eat, work, and play.


Source: YoutubeWashington postCNN