Google Glasses Changes The Game

Think way back... and I mean wayyy back to 2002. I say think way back because living in a world of instant gratification makes last year seem like a long time ago. Nonetheless, in 2002 after watching Minority Report, where Tom Cruise used a lot of cool technologies, you thought that would be awesome to utilize that kind of technology to do every day tasks. Fast forward to 2012; we have mobile technology, we have computers and mobile tablet devices, we have streaming video content to our smart TVs, etc, etc. Not to mention how social technologies are transforming the way we play, communicate, and do business.

Google, the biggest internet company in the world, is introducing augmented reality in the form of glasses. So you ask, "hey One Love Z, how will Google Glasses Change The Game?" If you haven't noticed, people are absolutely glued to their mobile devices! Look around when you walk somewhere. Having glasses that show us pertinent information, that we want right now, will change the game! You won't need to take out your mobile device to see your maps directions, what places to yelp, who's texting you, who's calling you, what the weather is like, what's happening in the world, what are today's top stories, etc. This information will be right in your view. The way we communicate with people and our surrounding are changing, and it is happening now. 

One Love Z.