Dear Expectations

Dear Expectations,

Did I exceed your expectations? Did I meet your expectations? or Did I not even come close to achieving your expectations?

Think back to a Christmas, when you were a teenager, that you were expecting the present that you wanted more than anything... now... imagine that you did not receive that present (sad day I know). Maybe there were circumstances that you did not predict, or there were circumstances that you did not understand. In the business world this is called "Managing Expectations." Did you effectively manage expectations for the given circumstance? There could have been many factors at play...

  • Perhaps your parents did not have extra money to buy you this present... 
  • Perhaps the product ran out of supply before your parent could buy one...
Both reasons are logical business situations and what is more important in this instance is that you did not manage expectations. The keys to managing expectations are:
  1. Set expectations - set expectations with your friends, business partners, and/or co-workers. Ensure that there are no ambiguous items left to chance. When you communicate and align all expectations to realities, both parties will have goals that are the same.
  2. Measure expectations - once you set your expectations with your friends, business partners, and/or co-workers, put metrics in place to make sure you  or your counterparts are completing milestones to guarantee that you or your counterparts will meet or exceed expectations. 
  3. Control expectations - if you take the proper steps to set expectations and measure them, you can control what you expect, and this way you will never let your self down, nor will you let friends, business partners, and/or co-workers down

Source: consulting academy