Facebook Mobile Phone And You

If you thought you were social before, well think again... because Facebook doesn't think we share enough information. Zucks and his team are reported to drop the Facebook mobile phone within a year or two. It is said to be "deeply socially-integrated" with all the services we love from Facebook. Additionally, it has been rumored to partner with HTC to make us the handset that will definitely be a game changer... by no means does that mean people will run to their local retailer to grab these devices off the shelves, but it will be the first mobile phone to be introduction to consumers from a social network. This has unforeseen future implications that will change the way we interact, communicate, play and transact business. I do believe this will create new competition for Google to further integrate Android with Google+. As of now, when you take photos, you have the option to upload them directly to your profile. Imagine what capabilities a Facebook mobile phone will have...? Instant photo share. Facetime-esque applications. And not to mention the main attraction for marketers that crave this real-time data on potential and long-time consumers.

I'm thinking how much data and information Facebook has on us now, imagine when they know 1) who we call, 2) when we call, 3) where we call, 4) who we text and etc, etc, etc... it truly is a gift and a curse living in the digital age.... I encourage you to analyze the trends and makes sense of the information to navigate the uncertain waters.

One love z.