Is Google+ going to take users from Facebook?

Google+ isn't going to compete with Facebook for several years. However, there's a great foundation for Google to expand their social network with the high volume of Gmail users. As of November 2010, Gmail had 193.3 million users monthly. If more than half of them are converted to Google+, we'll see the growth trends in news feeds and media spotlights. Furthermore, we're going to begin to see the competition heat up in the headlines. 

Google+ is going to compete effectively with Facebook, and the new features released by these two social networks will enhance the user experience and how we communicate. We can already see this competition manifest by Facebook offering the new video chat feature to keep up with Google+, and Facebook has said it anticipates more new announcements to come. Moreover, here are some signs that Google's social network is going to do well. 

Google+ integrated with Android... The implications of this highly visible relationship will make instant uploads and sharing with "circles" or friends easier than ever. Also, the new music service offered by Google will let friends will share more relevant music and pictures between each other. In addition, notifications on your Android handset will automatically update you with notifications on Google+. 

Unlimited photo and video storage... As a Google+ user, you get the following: 1. Unlimited photo uploads. Photos larger than 2,048 by 2,048 pixels will automatically be resized when uploading; and 2. Unlimited video uploads (up to 15 minutes per video, up to 1080p). There are basically no limits as to what you can store and share on your account.

The Hangouts feature... allows you to video chat with up to 10 people in your network. When Facebook launches its video chat, you can only chat one-on-one. Sometimes you will want to chat with more than one person in your circles, and Google+ has done this right.