Design and Innovate for e-Readers

As books become obsolete, one industry is at a standstill, while there is a growing market. We hear about this market in blogs and media everyday... can you guess? That's right!... the eReader market is growing at a tremendous rate. Furthermore, with the emergence of eReaders we are seeing new avenues and outlets for publishers and authors. E-books are not a recent phenomenon, but the devices made specifically for e-books are. So what does that mean? Less than ten years ago, it was only possible to read your e-book via computer. However, now a device like the Kindle is the gadget of choice to read your e-book. Following this further, if you seek to become an entrepreneur this should be an eye-opening trend! Create, develop, and innovate the next apps, products, or services for this market... you have many resources at your disposal, and start to think of what's next, as far as a product line or service line. Now is the time to utilize what's out there and make it better. Nonetheless, the ball is in your court, the opportunity is knocking... take the time to think and develop the next idea for e-Readers.