What is iCloud?

Apple will now store all your music, photos, apps, and virtually all your data in the mysterious "cloud." But where is this cloud? What does the cloud do? ... 

What is cloud computing?... Cloud computing is storing and backing up information and data in a central location on servers. What does the cloud do?... Apple previously used MobileMe as a product that would sync your email and calendar. However, this paid subscription wasn't a hit with users, so it never took off. Now the usefulness and ease of access that technology has provided small and large businesses, makes it easier to store vast amounts of data. In essence, the cloud enables users to access their information on any Apple device that wasn't readily available. Moreover, this provides tremendous value to people that have Apple products; now you don't have to time out your day to download those pictures from you iPhone to your iPad. 

iCloud is going to backup the following so you can access your information wherever you are. Also, one thing you should ask yourself, what are they doing with the data they collect? 
  • iTunes in the cloudContacts
  • Calendar
  • Mail 
  • PhotosApps
  • Books
  • Documents
  • Device backup