Keys To Growing Business Via Facebook Page

Facebook is a great way to promote your business and generate revenue via Payvment, the new payment system that Facebook has developed and implemented. However, your Facebook Page should supplement your business domain. One strategy that works well is to endorse your products or services via your own domain - for example: - because you can personalize your own website and integrate Facebook with plugins. Here a few tips to ensure your Facebook Page strategy compliments your domain:
- People that will become "fans" of your page will be a critical marketing tool. You will know the specific demographics of your audience, and this will enable your marketing team to tailor your website. 

- You control your domain. You can redesign your website the way you see fit. With Facebook you will have one standard layout that is universal, and that won't make your product standout. 

- Facebook Pages will enable you to "share" your products much easier with people. Customers can buy your products from Facebook with Payvment, but they should see the page, and want to go to your website - where you will offer more products, discounts, and reward programs. 

- Your domain has more curb appeal. Your URL will be shared amongst Facebook and Twitter with more traffic that visits your site. People will start to take notice, rather than having - - this URL is too long and takes away from the coolness of a simple and concise domain name. 

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