Business Leadership - 10 Points to Succeed

I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop dedicated to giving aspiring entrepreneurs a new perspective on what it means to be a leader. I want to thank Omie Ismail, CEO of PulseCaster, for delivering the presentation on Business Leadership. A few key misconceptions about leaders that Omie spoke about stood out to me in his presentation.

Click here to view his presentation.

1. Leaders are born not made...

Just like you had to learn how to read, or to do your multiplication times tables, leaders have to learn how to lead people and manage time effectively. There isn't a manual that tells you what to do as a leader. The best practice you can receive is to hold a leadership position, and go through the process of defining which techniques work best for you and your teams.

2. Leadership = Authority...
It is true that you have a level of responsibility as a leader; however, having authority over people doesn't make you the dictator. You have to trust the people you work with, and gather input from them. Successful leaders understand the people they work with, and they are constantly getting feedback.

3. Leaders have ALL the right answers...
Nobody ever has ALL the right answers, and you shouldn't expect to either. What you will have is great people around you, that are diverse in the skill sets they possess, which will compliment the skills you have. Human capital is one of the most vital assets to your organization, and having people around you that get work done will make finding the right answer that much easier. 

One love z.