"Refocus retool reuse"

Refocus retool and reuse! Interpersonal skills will enable you to meet significant people, and technical skills will get you to the next level. It is not to enough to do two or three things better than your competition. We must become experts in a couple subjects and technically enabled in other subjects. 

Refocus - Learn one thing at a time, and learn it thoroughly with the designated time you allocated. You will master a subject in less time than you think and people will seek your advice. 

Retool - Utilize the resources around you to best educate yourself. You have the tools in front of you, use them! You have the people around you, use them! Be more efficient with what you have and you will do more. 

Reuse - Be the efficient person you desire. There is a ton of articles, resources, and information that we forget about, and we should must be aware of how that motivated, inspired, or contributed to our success. 

~One Love Z