"Mutually Beneficial"

Develop relations with a person by having a common respect for one another, and in turn, relations (superficial information) will become a relationship (deeper knowledge of that person). A relationship should always, always, always be mutually beneficial to both parties. Each person should learn something new from one another all the time! Relationships will build long-time friendships, and new opportunities will come from these friendships.

The exchange doesn't have to be tangible; however, it will be something of value. Whether it be knowledge, information, or a new perspective, this currency will be more than its weight in gold.

~One Love Z

Friends to the End: The True Value of Friendship


  1. Totally agree! The best relationships build over time! Sometimes its who you know not what you know, and its those people that we know that can help us better develop what we learn!

  2. Thanks for the message! Relationships are so important but they have to be mutually beneficial so we all can learn in the long run.
    OneLove Z.


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