Be Your Own Brand

Be your own Brand! ...when I say this I mean that you should develop your own message, theme, and content that you want to convey to people!! Individuals want your advice, not the advice that you re-post from others. Matter of fact, they will enjoy the message of the person you are re-posting, and they will seek their wisdom and knowledge... NOT yours. You have to strategically plan, design, develop, and implement  what your product or service is. I offer information on business, technology, mobile tech, and culture & technology. I am constantly developing my brand - One Love Z, and I have to consistently implement new ideas and feedback I gather from my audience, peers, and superiors. In essence, I challenge myself to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and blog about relevant topics to enhance your knowledge and give you a different perspective. You must choose to develop your own brand's message, content, and serve your audience well. If you're talking to people about how awesome your knowledge of cars is, and your audience never seen one, they won't care; therefore, understand your audience, and sometimes you may have to stand on top of the box, to gain a new perspective.

One love z.